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NeuReality is engaging players throughout the entire AI ecosystem. NeuReality solution applications can help bring inference anywhere from the data center to on-premise and in the field for applications from retail, smart city, and 5G IoT.


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Deep Learning Accelerator Vendors

Deep Learning Accelerator (DLA) vendors are currently limited by CPU-centric architecture. Today’s CPU-centric architectures introduce high cost and power and system bottlenecks such that every dollar spent on Deep Learning Accelerators requires $3 on surrounding components. The lack of innovation in the rest of the system has limited the overall improvements that accelerators are bringing.


OEMs have the ability to resell NeuReality’s Inference Platform or add a NeuReality card to their existing solutions. NeuReality’s architecture helps them lower the cost and power performance of their hardware. The solution provides a smaller footprint that’s less complex with fewer acoustic issues.


Teaming up with NeuReality, which brings a disruptive AI-centric approach to the table, is the type of industry collaboration we are looking for.

The partnership with NeuReality is expected to drive a more streamlined and accessible AI infrastructure, which can enhance people’s lives.

Dr. Mukesh Khare
Vice President

Hyperscalers & Nextwave

Leading cloud solution providers can’t fully realize many inference possibilities due to the major complexity and cost barriers of today’s infrastructure. With NeuReality’s solution, these cloud providers can lower their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with a holistic solution that includes compute, connectivity, and a software stack. These systems are easier to deploy, scale, and manage. The solution also provides a smaller footprint that’s less complex with less acoustic issues.

Solution Providers & Enterprises

NeuReality is working with solution providers and enterprises to help them provide complete solutions for their customers. With NeuReality’s platform in their portfolio, they can provide solutions for AI inference that are easy to manage and deploy.


We see substantial and immediate need for higher efficiency and easy-to-deploy inference solutions and that is why we are investing in NeuReality.

The company’s innovative disaggregation and processing technologies improve computational storage flows that are critical for the adoption and growth of AI solutions.

Ori Kirshner
Head of Samsung Ventures in Israel

Software Vendors and Developers

Working with independent software vendors (ISVs) and developers who are creating new solutions for computer vision, natural language processing and conversational AI, and recommendation engines, NeuReality is helping these companies with a solution that better showcases their innovations with faster, lower-cost hardware.

Inference Consumers

NeuReality can help inference consumers in a variety of verticals showcase real world applications and deploy their own solution with purpose-built hardware that doesn’t require the expensive and complex CPU. The solution is easy to use out-of-the-box and provides all the tools and mechanisms for everything from inputting the model to outputting the inference result. Users don’t need special expertise and don’t need IT to implement the system for end users.


We have been working closely with NeuReality to bring this new class of server to market. Combining with NeuReality’s IP solves existing AI scalability challenges that currently inhibit the growth of the AI inference market.

Sudip Nag
Corporate Vice President, AI at AMD

We Make It Easy

Holistic Solution for Inference

Holistic Solution for Inference

Our solution, complete with purpose-built software and a first-of-a-kind network addressable inference server-on-a-chip, delivers better performance and scalability at lower cost and power.

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How We Make AI Easy

How We Make AI Easy

With our unique network-connected approach and software integration tools, we make it easier to deploy, afford, use, and manage AI.

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