Deploy and Scale Inference Workflows With the Leader in Purpose-Built Solutions for AI

NeuReality Is the first complete, system-level solution specifically designed to address the challenges of optimizing, deploying, managing, and scaling AI workflows.

NeuReality’s revolutionary AI-centric solution —built around the NR-1 Network Attached Processing Unit (NAPU) and inference serving building blocks in software — is designed specifically for AI workflows, enabling the scale of real-life AI applications.

With the NR-1 NAPU, our solution reduces the dependency on CPUs, NICs, and PCI-switches, moving simple but critical data-path functions from software to hardware.

The result

The result is an innovative AI-optimized system that reduces energy consumption, shrinks the data center footprint, and lowers TCO by cutting capital costs.

It’s built from the ground up to enable ultra-scalability.


Addressing barriers to AI adoption

Deploying a trained AI model is technically complex and requires multiple people with specialized skills. Deep Learning Accelerators are powerful—but they are trapped behind bottlenecks in the system.

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Holistic solution for inference

Our solution, complete with purpose-built software and a first-of-a-kind network attached inference server-on-a-chip, delivers better performance and scalability at lower cost and power.

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How we make AI easy

With our unique network-connected approach and software integration tools, we make it easier to deploy, afford, use, and manage AI.

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The Benefits of AI-Centric Architecture

Removes bottlenecks for linear scalability
Streamlines computational processes
Lowers energy consumption
Reduces the data center footprint

One-Stop Shop for AI Inference

Rather than spending valuable time and energy working with elements from different vendors, our integrated set of software tools combine all of the components into a single, high quality, UI/UX.

Once you’ve done AI this way, you’ll never go back!

NeuReality’s software tools provide all of the following described on the right:

Goodbye, bottlenecks.
Hello scalability.


Visionaries who actually see.

Instead of simply adding more and more DLAs to an already over-taxed and inefficient system, NeuReality’s team of innovators explored the root causes of AI’s current barriers— and solved for those specific challenges.

This approach provides full support of available AI frameworks, allowing high levels of flexibility to deploy seamlessly and adapt to any multi-tenant cloud environment or networking protocol.

The applications of this revolutionary infrastructure include a new server class, cloud-aware virtualized SDK coupled with a complete set of software tools, AI-Server-on-a-Chip NAPU, and the ultra-scalability that comes with this approach.