Why We StartedNeuReality

Implementing AI is hard.

We’re a team of system level engineers that have come together to make it easy to deploy, manage, and scale AI workflows.

We’re excited about the immense and diverse opportunities that AI creates – in computer vision. natural language processing, and recommendation engines.

Barriers to Widespread AI Adoption

Many inference possibilities can’t be fully realized and deployed due to the cost and complexity associated with building and scaling AI systems.

Existing AI solutions are not optimized for inference. Training pods have poor inference efficiency, while inference servers are complex and have high overhead and bottlenecks.

General purpose hardware is not designed for AI

Today’s approach is based on a general-purpose CPU that was not designed for AI. This adds cost, increases power consumption, and contributes to system bottlenecks for AI inference.

CPUs run data movement and processing in software, introducing high cost, poor scalability, and high latency.

AI requires people with specialized skills

Deploying a trained AI model is time intensive, technically complex, and requires multiple skill sets.

Most DLA vendors don’t offer tools to help—which places additional demand on staff.

Orchestration tools aren’t designed for AI

Cloud resources are dynamically managed using orchestration tools. Most AI solutions are opaque and don’t allow orchestration tools to have visibility into AI workloads.

CPU-centric approaches don’t scale well

CPU-centric architectures require multiple hardware components: NIC, CPU, and DLA.

Furthermore, the DLAs aren’t fully utilized due to the CPU bottlenecks.

As a result, every $1 spent on Deep Learning Accelerators (DLA) requires $3 on surrounding components!

We Make It Easy

Holistic solution for inference

Holistic solution for inference

Our solution, complete with purpose-built software and a first-of-a-kind network addressable inference server-on-a-chip, delivers better performance and scalability at lower cost and power.

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How we make AI easy

How we make AI easy

With our unique network-connected approach and software integration tools, we make it easier to deploy, afford, use, and manage AI.

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