How Does NeuRealityMake AI Easy?

NeuReality makes AI easy by helping deploy and scale Inference workflows with purpose-built solutions in hardware and software for AI.

Easier to Deploy

Out-of-the-box orchestration and management support

Easier to Use

Tools and mechanisms from input of model to output of inference

Easier to Afford

Purpose-built to avoid expensive CPUs and lower Total Cost of Ownership

Easier to Manage

Smaller footprint, less complex, fewer acoustic issues

NeuReality Unleashes AI

Ease of use

NeuReality’s approach is based around customer satisfaction, with a particular focus around ease of use:
• Automates optimization, deployment and serving processes
• Reduces segmentation between various frameworks, programming languages and application types and enables complete pipeline processing
• Serves customers with various levels of expertise in AI. Provides opportunity for extension and enables customers to implement complex customizations

Non-disruptive to processes and procedures

NeuReality works with your existing development processes and IT procedures:
• Does not disrupt development processes and enables AI developers to continue working within their favorite development environment
• Does not disrupt IT procedures and enables IT teams to integrate new AI services into the existing data center ecosystem quickly and efficiently

Affordable AI services

In terms of both initial investment and the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), NeuReality reduces the cost of adoption for AI services, making them affordable for general use.

How Our Software Makes Inference Easy

Three types of software are necessary for a complete AI inference system, but most vendors today don’t try to address all of these pain points for inference consumers. To properly enable inference serving, the software must be part of a holistic solution that can handle everything from the model to the user experience.

Only NeuReality provides all three levels of software needed for complete systems to be created for AI inference.

  • Model: NeuReality provides holistic AI inference model execution which enhances the inference system to handle any trained model
  • Media Processing: NeuReality provides full AI pipeline offload tools and runtime for processing the media
  • Interface: NeuReality provides server interface application that connects to any environment to provide inference service

With this software, AI consumers can fully integrate into the existing cloud ecosystem, including virtualization, scaling, monitoring, multi-tenancy, security, etc.

Handle any Deep Learning Model

Handle any Deep Learning Model

Currently, most Deep Learning Accelerators (DLAs) have deficiencies and missing functionalities, so they can’t support the full offload of Pytorch/TensorFlow AI models. They run from within the frameworks or rely on the user to partition what parts of the models will run on the DLA versus the host CPU. By relying on the CPU to handle the implementation in software later, bottlenecks are created.

NeuReality provides holistic AI inference model execution, which enhances the inference system to handle any trained model. Our platform can handle all Deep Learning Accelerator unsupported operators to form flexible deep learning model complete processing.

Run the whole AI pipeline in hardware

Run the whole AI pipeline in hardware

Use cases have a sequencing of pre- and post- processing stages. There are no good software tools that cover this today. Since DLA’s don’t support this offload, bottlenecks are created in the CPU to support this pipeline. Moreover, there aren’t good software tools or frameworks that cover the pipeline compilation and partitioning today.

NeuReality provides full AI pipeline offload tools and runtime for processing the media. Our software handles complete AI pipeline processing including data processing that is needed both before and after deep learning processing and sequencing of these processor steps. By running it off the CPU, we prevent the bottlenecks that can occur.

Interface every Inference Server

Interface every Inference Server

Inference consumers need a way to interface the management, provisioning, runtime inference requests. Today, most DLA vendors leave it to each customer to implement on its own or purchase it from an ISV.

NeuReality provides the server interface application that connects to any environment to provide inference service. Our platform connects the interface server to the network of the data center or non-premise IT infrastructure, as well as connect and comply with Kubernetes for orchestration and provisioning. With a simple and easy user experience, this software covers management and control, including model provisioning orchestration, multi-model and multi-client support, and monitoring. Our application programming interfaces (APIs) reduce the complexity of optimizing, setting up, and operating an inference task.

In short, NeuReality optimizes AI usage and makes its setup easy for both inexperienced and sophisticated users. NeuReality helps you easily develop, validate, and deploy inference workloads.