Our Mission

The mission of NeuReality is to make AI adoption easy.

By taking a AI system-level approach, our team of industry experts delivers AI inference holistically; determine pain points; and deliver purpose-built, silicon-to-software AI inference solutions that make AI affordable and easy.

This revolutionary combination of our technology, partnerships, and people accelerates the possibilities of AI.

Our Team


  • Prior to founding NeuReality, Moshe served as Director of engineering at Marvell and Intel, leading complex Wireless and Networking products to mass production. He also served as AVP R&D at DesignArt-Networks (later acquired by Qualcomm) developing 4G base station products.
  • He holds BSEE from the Technion, Israel, Cum Laude.
  • Moshe runs marathons to free the mind.
Moshe Tanach
Co-founder & CEO
  • Tzvika served as VP of Backend at Mellanox technologies. With a focus on improving methodologies and execution, Tzvika led complex advanced node integrated circuit solutions through the backend process to mass production.
  • He holds BSEE from the Technion, Israel.
  • Tzvika plays Tennis vigorously.
Tzvika Shmueli
Co-Founder & VP Operation
  • Yossi served as senior director of engineering at Mellanox technologies, leading their first smart NIC SoC project. Prior to that, he was responsible for many generations of EZChip network processors (specifically designed for Cisco high end routers).
  • He holds BSEE from the Technion, Israel.
  • Yossi has a passion for soccer and cars.
Yossi Kasus
Co-Founder & VP VLSI
  • Lior was co-founder and Chief Scientist of ParallelM, a leader ML-Ops company. Prior to that he held the distinguished Fellow role at PMC Sierra and was on the founding team of Passave, a FTTH silicon company.
  • He holds MSEE & BSEE degrees from Tel Aviv university, both Cum Laude.
  • Lior has a passion for basketball and reading
Lior Khermosh
  • Ilan served as VP/GM of Silicon Engineering at Intel, leading the development of its Ethernet Product Lines for Datacenters. Ilan spearheaded the development and deployment of Intel's first Infrastructure Processing Unit (IPU/DPU) in collaboration with Google Cloud.
  • He holds BSEE from the Technion and EMBA from Tel-Aviv University.
  • Ilan enjoys mountain trekking and photography.
Ilan Avital
Chief R&D Officer
  • Fredy served as Corporate VP of Product Management at DSP Group, Managing its entire product portfolio. He also served in multiple product and program management roles at Texas instruments in both the Wireless and Broadband divisions.
  • He holds BSEE from the Technion, Israel.
  • Fredy has a passion for hiking and painting.
Fredy Rabih
VP Product
  • Heather held leadership roles driving go-to-market, brand building, demand creation and product launch across B2B, B2C, and B2E marketing and communications. She built her 25+ year experience at Intel, Dow Chemical, and Vacasa before founding The Brand Bunker in 2020.
  • She holds an MBA from Central Michigan University and BA in Applied Sciences/Communication from Simon Fraser University, Canada
  • Heather loves history, music & skiing. 
Heather Srigley
VP Marketing
  • Iddo is a tech industry veteran. He held technology leadership roles at Intel in 5G, networking, security, virtualization, cloud, and infrastructure automation. He ultimately became Intel’s CTO of its premium Olympics partnership.
  • He holds a BScEE from the Technion, Israel.
  • Iddo is an avid swimmer and scuba diver. When out of the water he loves books, podcasts, food and adventure travels.
Iddo Kadim
Field CTO
  • Jim served as director of sales for Cerebras, an AI accelerator focused on large model training. Prior to that, he was vice president of global sales and customer success at ZPE Systems.
  • He holds a BA in Business Economics from California State University, Chico.
  • Jim enjoys fishing, hiking, spending time with his family, and blacksmithing knives in his free time.
Jim Wilson
VP Sales
  • Noa excels in enhancing the employee experience and scaling global talent in high-growth tech startups. She was VP HR at Papaya Global, a global fintech, and Head of People and Culture at Trax, world leader in retail image recognition.
  • She holds a M.A. in Organizational Consulting and Development from the College of Management Academic Studies, and B.A. in Social Sciences from Bar-Illan University, Israel.
  • Noa enjoys running, Pilates, and quality time with family and friends.
Noa Geller
VP Human Resources


  • Naveen is the former GM of Intel AI Product Group. Prior to that he was the CEO of Nervana systems (acq. By Intel in 2016). Fascinated by synthetic and biological computation as a kid, Naveen Rao evolved as a computer architect and neuroscientist.
  • Naveen holds BSEE from Duke, MSEE from Stanford, and PhD in Neuroscience from Brown University.
  • Naveen enjoys all kinds of sports and is an accomplished race car driver.
Naveen Rao, PhD
  • CJ is an advisor to C-level executives through new market challenges. He served as a corporate VP and GM of Intel’s America sales and marketing group with 36 years of proven success in driving sales of advanced technology products to multiple industries.
  • He holds BA in marketing from Scranton University.
  • CJ is a Green Bay Packers football fan and loves traveling.
CJ Bruno
  • Gonzalo is Founder and General Partner of Cardumen Capital. Prior to Cardumen, he founded and headed Samsung Ventures Israel, leading investments in companies such as PrimeSense, Crephotonics, Replay and Elastifle.
  • He holds degrees in Electrical Engineering from Imperial College London, in Economics from LSE, and an MBA from UC Berkeley.
  • Gonzalo loves surviving, skiing and nature.
Gonzalo Martinez De Azagara
  • Ezra is a Partner and Co-Founder of Varana Capital and former Head of UBS’s US Principal Equity Investment Business. Prior to that, he was an analyst at Michael Dell’s Family Office and J.P. Morgan. Ezra has broad experience on multiple boards and venture investments, including Israeli REE and Galileo Wheel.
  • He holds a BA with Honors in Economics and Political Science from Brown University.
  • Ezra has a special love for skiing.
Ezra Gardner
  •  Lynn is Corporate Vice President of AMD's server business unit and technology marketing. Throughout her 25-year tenure, Lynn has held numerous key positions as VP, General Manager, and Corporate VP. Lynn was recognized as part of the "2020 Women of Technology" by Connected World.
  • Lynn holds a BS from Virginia Tech and a Masters from the University of Phoenix.
  • Lynn enjoys hiking and kayaking in her free time.
Lynn Comp


Samsung Ventures
XT Hi-Tech
Glory Ventures
Varana Capital
SK Hynix
KIP – Korea Investment Partners
Cardumen Capital
Cleveland Avenue


Together, we can change the future! NeuReality is a young company with the vision to make AI accessible to all innovators by empowering their efforts to cure diseases, improve public safety, and bring innovative AI-based ideas to fruition.

Come join us to accelerate human achievement through AI technology.