Our Mission

The mission of NeuReality is to make AI adoption easy.

By taking a system-level approach, our team of industry experts can serve AI inference holistically; determine pain points; and deliver purpose-built, tactical solutions that democratize AI adoption.

This revolutionary combination of our technology, approach, and people accelerates the possibilities of AI.

Our Team


Moshe Tanach
Co-founder & CEO
Tzvika Shmueli
Co-Founder & VP Operation
Yossi Kasus
Co-Founder & VP VLSI
Lior Khermosh
Ester Koilis, PhD
VP Artificial Intelligence & Software
Paul Rietze
VP Business Development & Sales
Susie Vaknin
VP People
Fredy Rabih
VP Product
Mileend Gadkari
VP Sales


Naveen Rao, PhD
CJ Bruno
Gonzalo Martinez De Azagara
Ezra Gardner



Together, we can change the future! NeuReality is a young company with the vision to make AI accessible to all innovators by empowering their efforts to cure diseases, improve public safety, and bring innovative AI-based ideas to fruition.

Come join us to accelerate human achievement through AI technology.